Special Shout outs

Retro TV Bots

A rift has opened in the RETROVERSE, allowing the KLINX Retro TV Bots to enter our dimension! Why have they come? What could they want? Whispers are heard they search for an ancient power source called PROTONIUM…… Holding a KLINX gives one entry for a monthly giveaway of NFT’S and XPR Prizes

Snunks 2.0

Snunks 2.0 is a collection of Snunks that come with a monthly rewards program. 25% of sales and resales go toward the program. Please see www.thesnunks.com for more information

Gorilla Gang (GGIP)

Gorilla gang is where the party is with Gorillas, Boons and Mates can you live on the party island where they reside?

Proton Raffles

Proton Raffle is a project on Proton which buys verified artists NFTs helping their projects and offering them in multiple prize raffles, giving the investor a chance to buy a NFT to be in for a chance to gain a high floor priced NFT . Each raffle has multiple prizes the more tickets brought the more chance of gaining more NFTs.


This is Poe, and he can't wait to meet everyone here. The special thing about POE is that he has A LOT of clones that, due to weird unexplained pigmentation mutations, all look a bit different. Thanks to ultramodern technology we haven't even seen on Planet Earth yet, it is now possible to combine POEs together.

And Thank You for everyone who has supported me