Mythical Creatures is a collection of NFTs with various beasts, warriors and Mythical beings, each are unique with animation in the background or elements

Each NFT is part of the Rewards Scheme below

Rewards Scheme

"Dragon Rewards" program is a loyalty program to reward Mythical Series Holders by actively holding any Mythical Series NFT and being part of my community.

A Dragon Rewards Wallet has been created with the Proton app and an amount of all sales gointo the wallet, 

Common Mythical Creatures NFT = $50

Rare Mythical Creatures NFT = $100

Ultra-Rare Mythical Creatures NFT = $200


On all resells of Mythical Creatures 8% of the loyalty payment also gets added to the “Dragon Rewards Wallet”

Monthly Payouts how does that work and when will I receive my payment?

At the end of the last day of the calendar month a snapshot will be taken from the protonchain of who holds and how many Mythical Creatures NFTs each hold. 

The total pot will then be paid out based on the percentage you hold for example

Dragon Rewards Wallet amount at the end of the Month is $1000 and there is a total of 30 Mythical Creatures purchased then the $1000 will be divided by 30 which then means if you only hold one NFT you will get a payout of $33, however if you held 6 Mythical Creatures NFTs you would receive a payout of $198 which means the more you hold the better the reward.

Payments will be sent from the rewards wallet to the Proton @ address that holds the NFTs and will be sent within the first week of the next Month.


Hatch A Dragon

If you hold a Mythcial Creature NFT you will receive a Monthly airdrop of a HATCH A DRAGON trading card which you will need to be able to follow the process to hatch.