How to obtain a 3D Hatched Dragon


Each Month Holders of Mythical Creatures will receive either a Power or Dragon Egg Trading Card

The rarity of these cards is based on how many Mythical Creatures you hold.


The rarity List

Common = Between 1 - 3 Mythical Creatures Held

Less Common = Between 4 - 5 Mythical Creatures Held

Rare = Between 6 - 7 Mythical Creatures Held

Super Rare = Between 8 - 11 Mythical Creatures Held

Ultra Rare = Above 12 Mythical Creatures Held


How to Hatch a 3D Dragon


Once you have both the Power Card and the Dragon Card of the same rarity you can purchase a Hatching potion for $60 you must buy the hatching potion matching the rarity you are hatching for example you have both the Rare Trading cards then you need to purchase the Rare Hatching potion. 


When you have successfully purchased the Hatching potion, you must transfer both the Power and Dragon Egg in the rarity you wanted to hatch to proton wallet dragontm.


When the transfer of the two trading cards is confirmed then you will be sent back your trading cards with them being marked with “Hatched” followed by the Hatched 3D Dragon based on the rarity you processed to be hatched.


Please note you must buy one potion for every combination you want to hatch.